Jun 23, 2011

Is there anything like the Apple Time Capsule for Windows 7?

I’d like to backup my family’s files from our various desktop computers and notebooks, and was wondering if anyone has found a wireless-accessible hard drive, similar to Apple’s Time Capsule, but one which will work with Windows 7 and my aging XP box.

Hi pwarren,

Someone asked a similar question on another site and an interesting discussion ensued. You might want to browse through it for some ideas for a Time Capsule product for Windows:

There are several NAS (Network Attached Storage) boxes you can use. None of them are quite as full-featured as a Time Capsule. Personally, I use a Western Digital My Book World Edition II with 4 Terabytes, but any of WD's NAS drives will do the trick. Good luck.


If you have a free Ethernet port on your wifi router, you could save even more money and get a Western Digital MyBook World Edition. That’s what we’re running in our home.


There are a number of Ethernet and wifi-enabled hard disk enclosures that could provide similar shared storage for backups for less than the cost of the Apple Time Capsule. The LaCie Wireless Space shares 2TB over wifi, but as you might guess, it doesn’t contain all the features you’d get from running Apple’s Time Capsule such as the pretty GUI for managing Time Machine backups. 

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