May 24, 2013

How long is the battery life on Google Glass?

One of the biggest annoyances about otherwise great smartphones is when the battery struggles to make it through a single day of normal use. I'm pretty interested in Google Glass, to the point of considering buying when they become available to the general public, but I'm worried that they will have short battery life. I haven't read what one can expect on this front. Where is the battery anyway? It doesn't look like there is a lot of room for a large battery.


One reviewer on Engadget  reported about 5 hours of battery life during what he characterized as normal use, including taking a few photos/videos and reading emails. I don't recall whether he made any effort to conserve battery life or not, but as with any other device I would expect you could squeeze out another 10-20$ battery life if you made a serious effort to do so. Of course, this would require some sacrifices as to how often you synch, use GPS, etc. 


The battery is located behind the wearer's right ear. It's a big unattractive rectangle, which is probably why most of the photos you see don't show the wearer from the right. 
Bad news, Glass fans: Google Glass will probably launch with terrible battery life

"Whether or not Google’s connected eyewear will appeal to the mass market, early reviews painted Google Glass as a very intriguing product. It’s not without some faults, of course, and one of the biggest problems with early units was battery life. Glass reportedly goes for about five hours on a charge with average usage, which isn’t very impressive at all. Use the device for something like capturing long videos, however, and battery life can drop to as low as just “a couple of hours.”
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