May 23, 2013

Is the Kindle Paperwhite usable as a tablet?

I'm a little behind the times, and I have yet to jump on the tablet bandwagon. I love to read, and was thinking about getting a Kindle Paperwhite. My android phone is good for most things but I don't like reading on the relatively little screen, and I think it would be much more pleasant to read on the Paperwhite. Is it usable as a "normal" tablet? I know the display isn't color, but I'm old enough to remember having a 13" black and white TV in my room as a kid, so I can live without color if it still looks good.


BTW, I should have posted this before. If you go to Amazon's site, you can see all of the features of the Kindle Paperwhite. That's probably your best bet to see if it would work for you. 

I think the Kindle excels as a reading device, but not so much as a tablet. If you need a real tablet, then it's probably best to buy an iPad or an Android tablet. Some things work best at one thing, while others can do many things well.

It's not really intended to be a normal tablet. I haven't seen the latest version, but a friend of mine has an "old" version (actually not a Paperwhite, but a touch). It is good to read on, but it has a very slow screen refresh rate. It can be used as a rudimentary tablet, but it requires some effort and there is not a selection of apps like you have with android or apple tablets. It has a simple browser that reminds me of an old non-smartphone browser. The screen refresh rate is so slow as to feel like you are rocking AOL in 1996. Also, I don't think there is any audio output, which negates a lot of the use of it as a tablet.  You would probably be better off with a Nexus 7 or an iPad Mini if you really want a tablet, although both are a bit more expensive. The Paperwhite really is nice to read on though.  

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