May 22, 2013

How to add multiple inboxes to gmail?

I was at a satellite office a few days ago, and one of the guys there who was using Gmail had multiple inboxes visible at the same time. It was handy, and let him have all the messages from one client in one inbox, while we could also see our own conversations in a separate inbox. I though I would set up my gmail the same way, but I can't figure out how to go about adding multiple inboxes. Anyone know how?

Use Gmail's Multiple Inboxes Feature to Manage Multiple Addresses

"1. Turn on Multiple Inboxes from the Labs tab under Settings.
2. Set up a filter to auto-archive all mail sent to your work or school address.
3. Customize one of your multiple inboxes to show mail sent to your other address. To do this, go to the Multiple Inboxes tab under Settings and set up one of the panes to search for mail sent to your other address.
4. (Optional) Use a "custom from" address so that replies will be sent from Gmail but as if they're from your other account. This way, your coworkers or classmates won't know the difference."

It's not intuitive to find it. It's a Gmail Labs offering, so you have to go into your settings, then choose LABS. From there, it is simple, just enable multiple inboxes among the options, and save your changes. 

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