Jun 22, 2011

Recommendations for a drawing tablet?

My kids are really into Japanese manga and asked if we could get a drawing tablet for our computer. I see that Wacom has a large range of products, from $150 Bamboo Funs to $2600 Cintiqs (not gonna’ happen). What features should I be looking for, given that they’ve got an interest in art which I would like to support, but they’re in their early teens so I’m not sure we need to get a Ferarri.


The Cintiq is a monitor that you can draw on; the bamboo tablets are just tablets with pressure sensitivity, no pixels. Also the Cintiq has much more sensitivity, so that it can simulate ink, crayon, watercolor, markers, charcoal - depending on which art software you use. If your kids get good at it, you might want to check out Corel Painter - but that's a few hundred bucks. It will work with a mouse, or with the Bamboo or Cintiq tablets.

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