May 20, 2013

How do you install Wordpress themes?


Hi this is Glenda a law student and its been a year that I have been writing for my blog. Coming to the point...

First of all you need to download a wordpress theme from any themes provider company like nullit.net or wordpress.org as well. Then sign in to your WordPress dashboard and then go to appearance->themes section. After doing this click on upload link and then browse your downloaded WP themes and then click on "Install now" button.. That's it you are done...

I see your question has been answered. Here's a link to lots of free WordPress themes:


Installing a Wordpress theme is very easy to do if you know how. For assistance I found a very informative tutorial at SimpleWebsiteTutorials, in this tutorial you can easily learn how to install Wordpress themes, how it works with the help of their screenshots. They explain it in a step by step method, so it is very easy to learn. I hope this tutorial is of help to you!


1. Go to http://wordpress.org/themes/ and pick out a theme.

2. Download the zip file and extract it.

3. Open FTP client and connect to host server.

4. Go to the wp-content/themes directory.

5. Move the theme folder to the theme directory.

6. Select the theme through your dashboard.

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