May 16, 2013

What is the best audio format for websites?

I was thinking of adding some fairly short informational audio tracks to our website - maybe moving into weekly podcasting if it gets any traction. What is the best audio format choice for file size, decent audio, and compatibility with different OSes?


MP3 is most widely supported by digital players, but i think Opus will be the next big thing as it's free, standard (RFC 6716), and better than AAC (used in MP4). Popular software like Firefox, VLC, and Foobar2000 already support it, and once 1.1 is final, the rest should follow.

I agree with Becker, MP3 makes sense. And so many people have used that format, it's very widespread. So you'd be using a defacto standard for the most part.
I would go with mp3. Small file size with good audio quality, and broad compatibility across platforms.
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