May 13, 2013

When will Google Glass be available?

Does anyone know when "normal people" will be able to buy Google Glass? Despite the photo of the guy in the shower (nice pic, broheim), I would love to get a pair for myself when they are available to the general public.

I do not know, and I do not care. I'll never use it. A smartphone is plenty for me, I do not want to walk around with those glasses, looking like a borg dork. They are a very bad idea, and I hope they bomb in the marketplace.

We will probably learn specifics of release and retail price at Google I/O, and I am really curious where they will be priced. As was already pointed out, the current $1500 is not realistic for general sales. The hardware doesn't have a lot of really exotic components, so I would expect that price to come way, way down. I'm guessing under $500, but you know how guesses have a way of being wrong. I don't think there is much of a penalty for waiting - Glass looks neat now, but until there are more "killer apps", it remains mostly a curiosity. 

The last I heard was that Google hoped to be shipping the commercial version of Glass toward the end of the year. With Google Glass Explorer Edition (the beta version) just now going out to 15,000 early testers and developers, it's too early to tell if Google can ship by year's end (assuming that's the plan).

The other big issue for the commercial version is pricing. What will Google charge for Glass? It can't be anywhere near the $1,500 for Explorer Edition. I think a lot will depend on what kind of apps evolve between now and then.
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