May 10, 2013

How can I learn Android game development?

A question posted earlier about the development of an android app got me thinking about trying to make a simple android game on my own. I'm a big fan of retro 8-bit and 16-bit games, so it wouldn't be too complex, but I'm only marginally familiar with Java. Can anyone recommend a good resource on learning the nuts and bolts of how to go about it? I'm not worried about publishing it for anyone other than me, so it doesn't have to go into the business side of Google Play.

We at Guarana have special courses for iOS and Android development. Get more info on http://guarana-technologies.com/ios-training/ and http://guarana-technologies.com/android-java-training/ - it's the best way to learn coding.
Good luck on your project!

Android Tutorial for beginners - Learn Android Programming to develop android mobile phone Application. Try  - http://gentleninja.com/blog/androiddevelopmenttutorial/


Just visit this blog. This blog gives information about how to develop android game. http://android-iphone1.blogspot.in/


Just visit this blog. This blog gives information about how to develop android game. http://android-iphone1.blogspot.in/


I agree that kilobolt would be a great resource for you.  They provide a comprehensive, step by step tutorial. Depending on how basic your understanding of java, there are a couple tutorial options.  




Yes kolibolt is a great source to start for every newbie in application development. Some of our employees before joining with AppsChopper they had tried to develop application by following this tutorial.


Even our senior developers suggest to freshers to follow these simple guidelines before going for advanced ones


This thread on XDA Developers should be of use to you.

[GUIDE] Android Game Development Tutorial! (Beginners welcome)

"Hello everyone! Welcome to the Kilobolt Game Development Tutorial.

I am the lead developer at Kilobolt Studios, and I am here to help aspiring game developers create awesome games.

Before we begin, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Subscribe to this thread! (Thread Tools > Subscribe > Daily Updates(?))
Otherwise you will forget that it's here.

2. Like us on Facebook! We will post updates whenever a new lesson is up.

3. Game development does take time and dedication. If you are not prepared to give both, think twice before you start!

4. Once you do start, if you find things difficult, ask me and others your questions! Either send me a PM on here, or for quicker response, contact me using one of the options here. I will try to explain as much as possible and post frequently asked questions in the following post so that other users can benefit from your questions.

5. Beginners are very welcome! I will arrange the tutorials so that people can easily start where they feel comfortable. The very first tutorials will be targeting beginners, so that we can get everyone on the same page before we start the fun stuff."
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