May 10, 2013

Why is Amazon developing a 3D smartphone now?

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal today about the 3D phone that Amazon is supposedly developing. If memory serves, this is not a new thing, LG made a 3D phone a couple of years ago, which I barely remember because I never saw one outside of a store. The 3D TV push seems to have faded significantly. It seems like an odd area for Amazon to devote its efforts. Is there a demand for 3D smartphones? What would you even use it for? I feel like an old man saying this, but it seems like something that will just add unnecessary expense to the product.


I think the 3D star is fading. I have a Nintendo 3DS, and while I still think the 3D effect is neat, I leave it off much of the time. With glasses free 3D, you have to keep the device really steady or you lose the 3D effect and get ghosting. I assume this would be true with any glasses free device, since it requires the simultaneous display of two slightly different images. Another drawback for portable 3D devices is the significant impact on battery life. After all, you have two displays to power instead of one. With long battery life being one of the things nearly everyone desires in their tablet/phone, I'm not so sure there is a large market of people willing to sacrifice battery life for 3D effect. Maybe Amazon has figured out something new though. We shall see.  

I agree, it seems like a stupid idea to me. But Amazon wants to follow in Samsung and Apple's footsteps, so they are probably trying to wow people with some cool, new technology. Personally, I'd never use a "3D" phone. But that's me, maybe there's a market for one out there somewhere.
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