May 07, 2013

Does it matter if the iPad has a gap between the lcd and glass?

I've read that there is a slight space, or "air gap" between the lcd and glass that make up the display on iPads. Presumably, this gap causes two images that the eye must see at the same time and merge into one. Theoretically, this can cause unnecessary eye strain. I've never heard anyone complaining about eye strain with iPads, but I'm late to the tablet party, and when making a decision I wouldn't want to choose a table that makes my eyes hurt. Is there anything to this, or was it just a slow news day?

I use an iPad frequently, it never bothered my eyes. Same goes for my iPhone.
I've never had any problem with either an iPad or iPad mini causing eye stain. The outstanding displays are one of the best things about them, in reality, and I say this as an Android user . Maybe the air gap bothers some people, but not anyone I've ever talked to, and that includes the two people with iPads I just asked about it.

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