May 06, 2013

Help with an old school apple 3G phone!!!

Hi, I'm a bit new to this but I am after some help. I had a 3G iPhone that I've recently sold, before selling we cleared the phone. The buyer ( who I think has brought the phone thinking its a 3GS!) is now saying the phone doesn't work and he can't install iOS etc and is demanding a refund. I wondered if anyone could help me by giving a real step by step guide of how to set it up so that I can pass this on to the buyer! Thanks for all your help in advance! :-)
I agree, I think the Apple store is your best bet. It doesn't sound like something he is going to be able to do himself. Let the Apple techs handle it.

iTunes is probably just going to keep trying to install a new version of iOS that a 3G will not support. I'm speculating about this, so don't accept it as gospel. Maybe the easiest thing for him to do would be to go to the Apple Store, if there is one around, and see if they can install an older version of iOS. I think 4.2 is the most current version that a 3G will support. 

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