May 06, 2013

How to punish WiFi thief?

I have home WiFi that includes open WiFi because my kid's friends are always coming over. This lets them get online to play games and chat with their portable consoles, phones, etc.,. This has worked pretty well and I don't have to give out our password to everyone. Or at least it has for a couple of years, but I'm 99% sure my neighbor is now using the free WiFi in a way that is causing issues by streaming lots of bandwidth hogging stuff. Where I live, it either has to be him, or someone lurking in the forest with a laptop, so I'm pretty sure I know who the culprit is. Is there a way to punk this punk beyond simply securing it? I would like to mess around with him a little to let him know I know. I don't want to cause any harm, after all, he will still be my neighbor, but I would like to have some fun with him.


I appreciate the Jimlynch thoughts and answer.

Change the password, and move on. Life is too short to waste time on such things. Besides, vengeance belongs to the gods, not to use mere mortals.
Unless you can get Anonymous on the case, probably not. I'd just turn off the WiFi when you're not using it. If he's truly going nuts with the bandwidth-hogging, that means he's using it a lot. If he finds he can't use it at all for long periods, he might get frustrated enough to get his own WiFi.


There are a few benign ways to do it without causing any harm. One thing you can do is redirect all his traffic to a cat website, which judging by your avatar should make it clear that you are the puppet master pulling his strings.  This site will walk you through it step by step, along with some other fun things you can do.  http://www.ex-parrot.com/pete/upside-down-ternet.html

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