Jun 22, 2011

When is Apple coming out with the iPhone 5?

This year Apple has released the iPhone 4/Verizon and the iPhone S/unlocked. I read that IOS5 is coming out soon too. But when is there going to be a new iphone? I don’t want to buy a version 4 if version 5 is coming out soon.

Just an update on the iPhone 5 release date, here's an article that says it might be this summer.

iPhone 5 release date sooner than thought, says Foxconn nark

"The iPhone 5 release date will be this Summer, according to a previously-reliably source at Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) contract manufacturer, Foxconn. The final design seems nearly finalized, and production is already 'gearing up.' In IT Blogwatch, bloggers debate veracity of tittle-tattle.

[The] iPhone 5, as it is currently being called, is now gearing for production..various sample devices are also floating around..it is impossible to tell which one will be the final. Some things in common with all of them: .. 4+ inch display..symmetrical in thickness (also longer/wider). "
Hi pwarren,

Well the iPhone 4S has been announced, so I guess you have your answer. It's not quite iPhone 5 but it does have some cool features. Here's a list of what it's all about:


As far as an actual iPhone 5 goes, I suspect it'll be another year or so before we see that. And who knows what it will have in terms of features. We'll see, I guess.
Hi pwarren-

Apple is fairly secretive about its product pipeline, of course, but the current smart money has September as the date for the next generation phone.

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