Apr 26, 2013

How can I tell if someone has been logging into my gmail account?

Is there a way to see log-in history for your gmail account? I suspect that someone I know has, and I've already changed the password, but I'm not sure and I don't want to mention it if they aren't guilty. 

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You may also go to the account settings on your gmail ( top right, click your picture) and select security,

Recent activity->Review security-related events in your account.-> View All Events. That will give you extensive details on recent activity. Couple of times I noticed that my account was used from another state that is 7 hours away from where I am now. I looked at the ip address and when to an IP Locator website ,http://www.iplocation.net/index.php.to get more details on it . The IP's geographical location was pointing to my current location. Dont know how Google is showing this in a different location. May be they need a better GPS system, I don't know.

When you log-in to your gmail, scroll down to the bottom of your email list. On the bottom right, in tiny letters, it says, "last account activity." This will show when anyone last logged in. If you click the word "details" just under that, it will show the date and time of the last 10 activity events, how your account was accessed, and the IP address. I don't know of a way to see further back in time than that, perhaps someone else does. You can also set it up to alert you to any unusual activity while you are poking around there, so that Google will let you know if your account suddenly starts getting logged into with an IP address from Bulgaria or Russia or wherever.  

This should help:


"What is 'Last account activity'?

Last account activity shows you information about recent activity in your mail. Recent activity includes any time that your mail was accessed using a regular web browser, a POP client, a mobile device, a third-party application etc. We'll list the IP address that accessed your mail, the associated location, as well as the time and date.

To see your account activity, click the Details link next to the Last account activity line at the bottom of any Gmail page."
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