Apr 25, 2013

Please help me for my career



i am Karthick, working as Compliance Analyst at CGI could anyone please help me what should i focus next becase i am having confussion in selecting my career path in IT feild.

You should check Simply Hired and other job sites to see which skills are in demand in your field, and in your area. Looking at the job market is the best way to know what you need to know to grow and prosper in your profession.

As I responded to an earlier poster this week, many of us (but by no means all) are in the US, so we don't necessarily know what the job market and educational system is in other countries. Here, a compliance analyst makes pretty decent money, I would guess $50,000-60,000 on average, not sure what it is like where you live. It can vary a lot, though depending on industry. If you are at CGI, you are probably doing ok for yourself, that is a major company with a lot of resources. Just look around you....what do you see people doing that you would rather do? If you can identify something, find out what the educational requirements are, and if you meet them, try for a lateral career move within the same company. Obviously, this is just the quick thoughts of a random stranger on the internet, so think it through and decide for yourself. Good luck.

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