Apr 25, 2013

IT Manager - Career Resources

A question and an answer. What books are you aware of that are geared toward new/potential managers in an IT department? The reason I ask is that I have a couple of resources for new and experienced IT managers and wondered what is comparable.

One is a workbook called "20 Years in 20 Days - Insights for I/T Managers"

...available on Amazon for under $10 each. The proceeds of the workbook are going to charity. See the Amazon description for details.

I apologize for "marketing" but did think these may be helpful. If you have questions about these resources, or know of other good ones you have run across, please let me know. Thank you.


This list of books on Amazon might be useful.



So I looked at the Amazon listing and didn't see anything about the proceeds being donated to charity. To which charity specifically do you intend to donate? Do you plan to donate all of the proceeds, or just a portion?
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