Apr 24, 2013

How to colorize a black and white image?

Is there an easy way to use photoshop to colorize an old B&W image? I have some old family photos and want to do it for a relative of mine (don't worry, the source material will stay unaltered). I'd like to make it look pretty good, but I can't spend days getting it right and my photoshop skills are only servicable.

How To Colorize Old (Black & White) Photo – Photoshop Tutorial

"Today we are going to do some photo manipulation with Photoshop. In the tutorial below, we are going to guide you through patching up spots in an old black & white photo and then colorizing it.

First we’ll run you through on removing white patches from photo and then we’ll proceed to coloring it. The steps are pretty standard. Load up your Photoshop, and off we go."


If you want to do it right, it is going to take some time. There is no way around that, unless you want to use some kind of junky instagram type filters with results that will reflect your lack of effort. Here is a step by step guide. Just take your time, and it should look pretty good at the end. I've seen some that are really convincing. You can also use GIMP, but here is a good walkthrough on how to colorize using photoshop. Hope it helps.

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