Apr 23, 2013

How will Google Penguin change SEO?

I am helping develop content for a new company website, and apparently Google is updating it's algorithms again, which could affect SEO. Any word on what changes this Penguin update will bring? I'd rather not have to make too many revisions and changes almost as soon as I finish the content.

This article might shed some light on it for you.

Google Penguin, the Second (Major) Coming: How to Prepare

"Unless you've had your head under a rock you've undoubtedly heard the rumblings of a coming Google Penguin update of significant proportions.

To paraphrase Google’s web spam lead Matt Cutts the algorithm filter has "iterated" to date but there will be a "next generation" coming that will have a major impact on SERPs.

Having watched the initial rollout take many by surprise it make sense this time to at least attempt to prepare for what may be lurking around the corner."

It's always a bit of a guessing game to figure out what changes Google will make to their search engine algorithms. Google is becoming better and better at semantic understanding, so it recognizes keyword stuffing and low quality, spammy content. While I expect there will be further refinement of how Google weighs a link's "trust" level, it will probably be hard to pin down the exact changes. I honestly think that while Google may make SEO a bigger challenge in a sense, in that it is increasingly difficult to game the system, it is improving the content for top search results, so that site with a steady stream of fresh, original and relevant content are rewarded for it.

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