Jun 22, 2011

What should a domain name cost?

The New York Times is reporting that ICANN, the international organization responsible for managing internet addresses, is considering adding a bunch of new ._ _ _ suffixes to use for web addresses. Potentially companies could register trademarked names as an extension, and it would no longer be limited to 3 characters (.ipad, .bestbuy, .whatever) However, the price for these newfangled domains is $185,000 to apply for one, and $25,000/year to maintain it. If Godaddy can manage hundreds of millions of .COM addresses for $10/year, then why does ICANN think it should cost so much for a new address?


I know that standard pre existing domain names such as .com domain name registration, star from $11.49. I believe what you are talking about is the price to create a new extension. and thats because there is a huge profit involved for the company that does so.


ICM Registry plans to sell .XXX domain names for $75-$600. Trademark holders like Disney are expected to buy them in order to keep their brand image clean.


ICANN has a history of questionable practices, and punishing small businesses who cannot afford $200k to protect their brand names is an unacceptable practice.


The purpose of the new domain name extensions is to allow companies who have trademark or copyright concerns to protect them. The reason that ICANN set the price so high is to prevent cyber-squatters from holding these protected names for ransom.

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