Apr 18, 2013

Is Google Chrome a good browser for both work and personal use?

Let me clarify - I use the Chrome browser both at home and at work. I log into the browser so I have access to all the same bookmarks and setting where ever I am. Welcome to the future, and all that. Google made some changes to Chrome, and now I am wondering if the IT department at my office will have access to my browsing habits and history when I am away from the office. I can just stop signing in, but I like having the same bookmarks and settings where ever I go.


Google added some features to Chrome specifically to encourage enterprise adoption. One of these is cloud based management for Chrome, which will allow companies to impose policies and restrictions, but as I understand it you would need to be logged into on an account that your company controls. However, one problem with logging into Chrome at home and work is that if you forget to log out of Chrome and you store any passwords in your browser, they can be compromised. 

I also like Chrome and am using it now. I used to be a devoted Firefox user, but it's become too buggy and slow. I also wouldn't base my browser choice on what IT can and can't tell about my browsing habits. Using a browser I prefer every day is more important to me than the remote chance that I could get in trouble at work.
I do not know the situation with your IT department, you might talk to one of them to find out. But I do like Chrome, I'm using it right now to post this message. It's a fine browser, and seems to crash a lot less than some others.

Chromium is the open source version of Chrome. You might want to check that one out too.
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