Apr 16, 2013

Will the Leap Motion replace the touchpad?

Both HP and Asus are going to build the Leap Motion into their hardware. I generally dislike the touch pad on laptop, and almost always carry around a mouse when I am out and about with it. The Leap Motion, in case you haven't heard about it, is a sensor that essentially lets you point at your screen to perform the same functions that you would use a touchpad or mouse for currently. Are we seeing the dawn of a new standard? Is the Leap Motion of 2013 a revolution in the same way the mouse was in 1984?

Ugh, not for me. No way. I like my trackpad, I'm not giving it up for something like this. I can't imagine my work flow using something like the Leap Motion.

If other folks want to use it, great. But I'll stick with my tried and true trackpad. It works and I can get my stuff done fast by using it.

I cast a vote for STINKY, the foot operated controller. Seriously. It's actually done pretty well on kickstarter


I think it could. The cost is already pretty low, and it will get much less expensive per unit over time. It is also a "natural" interface (point at what you want), so it will be easy for new users to adopt, similar to the way the Wii controller was in the video game market a few years ago. 

I think something will replace the touchpad, which is clumsy and imprecise. Whether it's Leap Motion or another kind of gesture-based system, that's the future of computing (along with voice commands).

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