Apr 13, 2013

Is there any solution to recover access password?

I allotted a password for providing security to my Microsoft Access database(MDB fie) and suddenly I lost my access password due to an sudden system error and my database is showing the error message that is you are not able to access the data. Is there any solution to get back deleted access password?????????


Use Office Passward Recovery Pro or any other Passward Recovery software......................................

* do not use demo version.


Ahh... I think you lost your crucial database file due to lost access password. To recover access password you can use a advance solution i.e named as access password recovery and this is designed with aid of dominant algorithms and technologies.  

This YouTube video might be of use to you to recover your password.

Recover (crack) password from Microsoft MDB (Access Database)

Hmm Kellyleon, I think due to losing access password you lost your crucial database. In Microsoft Jet Database Engine such type of errors common. 

Your problem is not that as tough as you are thinking for resolving your problems you can read the following Microsoft Article Link 



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