Apr 08, 2013

How to keep Windows 8 from restarting after update?

Is there a way to stop the "PC will restart....." nag screen from continually popping up after an update in Windows 8? I shut down my machine every day; Sometimes I'm willing to accept that the update won't be complete for a few hours in lieu of interrupting my work.

Stop or Prevent Windows 8 from restarting after Windows Updates

"One of the annoying things about Windows 8 is the “Windows Update will restart” message. I have seen some users reporting that it restarts when you are in the middle of doing something. Well there are two ways to disable Windows auto-restart after Windows Updates. One by using the Group Policy Editor and the other via the Windows Registry."

Go into the registry editor (regedit), then go to:

One you have opened the AU (auto-update) folder, right click and select NEW>DWORD (32-Bit) VALUE. Name the DWORD with something meaningful such as "StopAnnoyingRestart", and enter a Value data of 1. Click OK, and you should be set.

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