Apr 02, 2013

How to stop an Android phone from downloading Gmail attachments every time I connect to WiFi?

How can I stop Gmail from starting downloads of attachments? A lot of times, I connect to Wi-Fi for a couple of minutes to check or download something, and when Gmail starts downloading attachments it slows things down, sometimes a lot. Any way to change this? My phone is a Kyocera with Andoid 4.0, incidentially.

If your question is related to downloading email attachments, this can be disabled in the email application, go to email app>then to settings>then tap on the email address you'll see a check box for wifi download only uncheck that box and you should be good.

It can be hard to find the setting for this, but one way you can keep Gmail from automatically synching is to go into your device's SETTINGS menu, then ACCOUNTS & SYNC. You can un-check auto-synch, but that will disable it for all applications. Under ACCOUNTS & SYNC choose MANAGE ACCOUNTS and pick your Google account (probably the only one on the phone unless you have multiple accounts for personal/work). There is a list of applications to sync (Drive, Google Play Music, Google Photos,......Gmail). If you uncheck the box beside Gmail it will not synch automatically, and it should stop it from hogging your bandwidth. You will need to open the Gmail app and manually choose to refresh to check your mail though. Maybe there is another way to do it, but this is the only one I can think of off the top of my head. I am not familiar with Kyocera phones (although my office once had an awesome Kyocera copier), but the basic steps should be the same across devices. 

Check the settings of the email client you are using. I'd guess that there's a setting you can disable to turn off downloading of email attachments.
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