Apr 01, 2013

How to choose VPN protocol?

How do you pick which VPN protocol to use? We are a small business, so I'm trying to balance making it easy while still having decent security. That being said, I'm biased towards simplicity. Thanks for the help.

Dr. Rose

DirectAccess 2012 is a very easy solution. Once setup there is no admin over heads for you or users. Users don't even need to make a connection it connects automatically.

In terms of cost it won't be that much with such little connections.


To perhaps oversimplify, there is a bit of a compromise between convenience and security. I think most people go with Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), which is faster and easier to deploy than L2TP, and it may be better suited to your needs as well. Here is a nice write-up of the differences that isn’t overly technical. 

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