Apr 01, 2013

Facebook phone - What's the point?

I put this in the category of rumors that would never become reality, but apparently Facebook is actually coming out with their own hardware. I have to ask why? Every smartphone I know of has a Facebook app, or at least there is one available. What more can Facebook do? Are they going to fork Android, and essentially sever it from Google a la Amazon and the Kindle? Where is the demand for this product? Sometimes I feel like I must be getting old; is there a demographic out there that is clamoring for deeper integration with Facebook thank already exists on essentially every computer, smartphone and tablet in the known universe? Maybe one of you young whippersnappers can enlighten me.

I have no idea what the point of a Facebook phone is at this point. I have thought of closing my Facebook account a number of times, but I only stay because it's such an easy way to stay in touch with people. I'd never buy or use a Facebook phone, or other Facebook hardware.

Maybe some teenagers would buy it, but I can't imagine anybody else bothering. I think Facebook just wants to be Apple or something.
I think rtremblay pretty much nails it. I also wonder if this idea comes about two years too late for Facebook. It sure seems as if "Facebook Fatigue" is spreading as people begin to tire of countless and pointless updates and conversations with friends. If and when HTC comes out with a Facebook-ified Android phone, I'm not expecting it to be a hit.


I can think of one reason most people would want a Facebook phone. Hint - It starts with “F” and ends with “ree.” I’m sure there is a market segment that wants Facebook even more deeply embedded in their daily lives, but I can only think of one person I know who might be interested in that. Obviously the world is much larger than the place I know, so perhaps there are legions of people out there wanting to be more fully integrated with their friends lives. I assume a Facebook phone will push the user towards more Facebook products/services, such as Facebook email, and it sure could give them a ton of information at a very granular level to use for marketing/advertising. I doubt that Facebook will fork Android, they don’t have the same structure Amazon does for selling goods, and it would be a big headache to try to create another, Facebook specific app store. They will probably just do something like HTC does with Sense UI on Androids. 

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