Mar 19, 2013

What's the most useful tech degree?

If you were advising a young person pursuing a career in IT, what would you suggest they choose for a college major?


Yeah, tough to answer. Not everyone has the same talents and abilities. Plus there are some tech degrees that are, for lack of a better term, traditional, such as electrical engineering, and you might not have even considered those. I would actually put electrical engineering near the top of a hypothetical list for degrees likely to get you a good paying job, but one of my old roommates was an electrical engineering major and it was a lot of challenging work. Computer Science majors also have a pretty solid job market at the moment, and even most starting positions pay pretty well. Not all colleges offer the same tech oriented degrees, so make sure to look around.

That's a difficult question to answer since it depends on which area of IT they want to work in. I recommend checking out Simply Hired and other job sites to see what jobs employers have available. Then narrow the list down to what interests you. From there you can then start thinking about a college major that would help get you into that role inside of a company.
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