Mar 19, 2013

What will Microsoft do after Windows 8?

Will we see a complete makeover of Windows for the next version, or are they going to stick with the Metro design?
Windows Blue will apparently be the successor to Windows 8. I blogged about it a while ago, see this link:

Windows Blue and Yearly Upgrades

"Windows Blue is apparently the next big thing at Microsoft. Now we’ll see a yearly update to Windows, along with a standardized SDK for desktop and mobile devices. The update will also be much cheaper than previous Windows upgrades (probably around $25)."

I think at this point, it is pretty much speculative. However, there have been a few leaks and statements from MS people that suggest a few specifics, and we can guess at the release "window" (ahem) based on the release cycle of previous and current versions of Windows. A few specifics have been hinted at: Power management is likely to be a focus. Incorporation of kinect is also a possibility. I'm pretty sure it won't be called Windows Blue; that's just the internal codename for the development project.  


Next Version Of Windows To Be Called ‘Blue’ Instead Of Windows 9, Windows 9 Coming in November 2014. Windows 9 IS IN THE WORKS!

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