Mar 19, 2013

Need tracking tool

We would like to create a dashboard to showcase major marketing objectives and progress to executive management. This would be a tool that is tracking maximum 5-6 high level marketing objectives but would allow executive management to drill down into more detail if they wanted to. 

§  Are there any marketing tools on the market that that would be good for this? Preferably cloud based tools?

§  What are other tools (not necessarily specifically designed for marketing) that may be useful for us in creating this type of dashboard. 

I would like to share some latest trend suggestion that surely aid to who are all planned for move to marketing tool. Many small startup owners mostly need some promotional activities for reach out their products/services. There a lot of techniques are available in both online and offline methods. Within that mostly preferable is campaigns, it is most effective, low investment in high ROI. Check Apptivo, this marketing tool is a cloud-based software. You can track status of email after it launched.
Read this article: http://runapptivo.apptivo.com/effective-email-marketing-strategies-for-small-businesses-12401.html
Well, try iMonitor Keylogger Pro, it can monitor and record all the computer operations, and the data is saved by the cloud. Download a free trial version to see if it is helpful for you: http://www.imonitorsoft.com/mac-keylogger.htm
Perhaps Yahoo Small Business could help with this? It appears to be free too.

Marketing Dashboard Features

"The free Yahoo! Marketing Dashboard serves as the command center for monitoring and analyzing your marketing efforts, building your reputation, and discovering new opportunities. "
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