Mar 13, 2013

Moving from DB2 to Hadoop

Hi I have been a mainframe DB2 developer and technical Lead over a few years now and have been working on Retail applications.This kindled my interest in BigData and hence Hadoop.Now I'm contemplating a move into Hadoop,even though I have no exposure to java or oops.Could anyone provide me guidance on this stand of mine and validate if it would be a good move.IF yes,then please do suggest how I should go about preparing for Hadoop to be job ready.
Here's a link to the Hadoop site. There's some good documentation there to get you started.


Hadoop skills are definitely in demand. There was a Business Insider article last year that listed Hadoop as one of the top 10 tech fields that will get you a $100+ salary. Not my field of expertise though, so I can't really offer much more than encouragement to go for it if you are really interested in pursuing a career change. 

Thanks for your response.ca. Pick up Hadoop with no java oopsackground?
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