Mar 11, 2013

What special tools (if any) are needed to take apart an iPhone 4?

Are there any special tools required to disassemble an iPhone 4? I'm broke my screen into approximately 10,000 pieces, and I think I'll give fixing it myself a try.


Check this guide, it's really helpful:



P.S. I fixed the link. 


Thanks, but the link is broken. :-(


Depends on the iPhone 4.  Apple switched over to pentalobe screws during iPhone 4 production. Those are those little 5 point (ahem....penta) screws. You should be able to pick a pentalobe screwdriver pretty easily. Last time I was at Sears they even had them there. Other than that, if you have a few small screwdrivers, a case opening tool or an  X-Acto knife, and a "screen removal tool" aka suction cup, you should be sufficiently equipped for any recent iPhone. 

You might want to see this article for info on how to replace the screen.

How to replace a broken screen on your iPhone

"Cracking your iPhone's front glass or the display might not stop it from working, but it can make it difficult and unsafe to use. Here's a step-by-step guide to fixing a broken front panel on your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S."
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