Mar 07, 2013

MIT or Berkley?

which one?

Here's a thread that you might find interesting.

MIT or Berkeley?

For what? Computer science is going to be comparable in quality of education, resources, and reputation. Academically, both are excellent, although outside of tech/engineering, Berkley is generally going to be far superior.


Football, Cal is going to be better, although last season, an MIT intramural team might have had a shot.  Basketball - Cal. Pretty much every other sport, with the possible exception of fencing or Pogs - Cal.


MIT is probably going to end up being more expensive because of cost of living. If you like snow, MIT. If you don't, Berkley. If you like fun, Berkley. If your idea of fun is figuring out how to put a car on top of a building, MIT.  If you like cinema verite - Berkley. If you like quoting Monty Python movies, and actually think you are being funny - MIT. 





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