Feb 28, 2013

How can I reduce latency?

I have good connection speeds, but poor latency (244 when I pinged it a few seconds ago). Is there anything I can do on my end to reduce latency, or is it completely in the hands of my ISP? Thanks.

Can latency be made faster

Following steps might help you to get a low latency and hence low lag:



Step 1: Check whether only you are the one who is getting high latency or there are  more than 60% players who are also getting high latency. If it is only you, then server is OK and its internet connection is also OK and working fine, there is a problem at your side, move to step 2. Otherwise, there is a problem from server side or in its internet connection or ISP.



Step 2: Close all extra running applications which you don’t need while playing, to somehow free up RAM and CPU. Or its better to restart the computer. In addition, your computer must not be warm high.



Step 3: Restart your router or modem, let it be cool. Try to obtain another IP Address, sometimes on restart, your ISP will automatically serve you another IP Address. Otherwise, do it manually.



Step 4: If these steps didn’t help you in getting low latency then try to change your internet connection and plan. At a speed of 2 MBPS or 250 KBPS downloading, every game works fine.



Step 5: If these all didn’t work try to change your hardware. Purchase motherboard, CPU(processor) and RAM of latest technology and of renowned vendor or company.

You might find this article useful, especially if you are a gamer.

Lowering latency (ping) times

"Many things can affect your latency (the amount of time it takes for information to travel from your computer through the internet, to Blizzard's servers) in-game; wireless connections, your ISP (internet service provder), various server nodes belonging to "backbone" service providers such as Level3 Communications, Mizima, and even AT&T experiencing temporary issues.

A common misconception is that if your latency is high, it's the fault of Blizzard. This is normally not the case, as Blizzard is the destination, and they have as much control over how the internet works as you yourself do. The general indication as to whether it's Blizzard or your connection to Blizzard, is if all other users on your server are experiencing issues. Then and only then is the problem going to be on Blizzard's end. Remember, speed does NOT equate to latency. Speed refers to how quickly you can download something. Latency refers to the length of time it takes a packet to travel from Point A to Point B."

I hate latency when I'm playing games online, where a fraction of a second can mean the difference between success and failure. Here is tip I ran across on a forum that may help you reduce it a bit, no promises though.


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