Feb 26, 2013

TDA7000 vs TDA7088

I would like to know what's the difference by using TDA7000 and TDA7088 to build a FM radio receiver? 

You might find this article useful.

How to Build an FM Radio Receiver

"Building an FM radio receiver is a project you can complete at home in a few hours. Once completed, you'll have a fully functional receiver that can tune at least 20 FM stations from 87 to 107 MHz. On this home-made FM receiver, the signal-to-noise ratio rivals factory manufactured portable radio tuners. You can find most of the parts needed at your local Radio Shack or electronics store."

The TDA7000 has not been made for many years but you might find one somewhere. It is in a normal DIP case. The TDA7088 is copied in China, is in a tiny surface-mount case and normally uses Scanning for tuning. Radios using them have very poor performance.

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