Feb 25, 2013

How soon will the next version of Windows be released?

I keep hearing bits and pieces about Windows Blue. Is this really another version of Windows that is about to be released? How long have we had Windows 8? 7-8 months in widespread release? Is this "Windows Blue" an update, or really a completely new Windows? Seems a little soon to me, but what do I know...

See this post for info about Windows Blue:

Windows Blue and Yearly Upgrades

"Windows Blue is apparently the next big thing at Microsoft. Now we’ll see a yearly update to Windows, along with a standardized SDK for desktop and mobile devices. The update will also be much cheaper than previous Windows upgrades (probably around $25)."

Windows Blue is an update to Windows 8, but it's also more than that, according to this ITworld article:


"Windows Blue may not refer only to an update for Windows, but to a set of coordinated updates for several Microsoft products, including Windows Phone, Windows Server, Windows RT, and services such as SkyDrive and Outlook.com."


Word on the street is that Microsoft is about halfway through development of Blue and is aiming for a summer release, possibly in August.



Windows Blue is an update to Windows 8, not a new version of Windows. I'm not sure exactly what will be updated, but apparently it is a major update, so......something. 


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