Feb 20, 2013

Have you taken a break from Facebook?

There was a report from Pew earlier this month that said 61% of Facebook users have taken a "voluntary break" from it. I found Facebook to be a double edged sword in some ways, but I've never actually made a conscious decision to "take a break." Have you ever done it, and if so, why?

Yes, it gets tiresome sometimes. Too much babble about this or that, with little of real interest. Okay for staying in touch with people, but sometimes you just need a Facebook break.

I quit Facebook last year after being on for only a few months or so. I barely used it anyway, and I always resented the constantly moving privacy line, so I decided I could live without it. I do reserve the right to return someday for whatever reason, but the truth is that nobody really needs Facebook, and everyone could survive   quite well without it.


I never thought of it in those terms, but I basically stopped using Facebook because I got sick of a few people constantly sending me Bible verses, sometimes multiple times a day, and angry politically oriented posts that were often little more than insane conspiracy theories with no basis in reality. I suppose I could have unfriended all of those people, but I didn't want to deal with it or have to explain why, so I took the lazy way out and started using Google+ with a very select group of friends. It isn't so much that Google+ is vastly superior to Facebook, but my use of it is informed by my Facebook experience so that I enjoy it much more.  

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