Feb 14, 2013

Would you buy a gaming console that blocks used games?

There are rumors that the next versions of the XBox and PlayStation will prevent used games from working on the systems. I've been waiting to see what the hardware specs will look like before deciding on one of the other two systems in addition to the Wii U, but if the Wii U allows me to play used titles and they do not.....well, that makes the decision a little easier. Number one, I do not like the idea that a company will not only prevent me from buying (or even borrowing) a used game, I really don't like the fact that it would prevent me from selling a game that I either didn't like or finished and don't intend to play again. Perhaps more importantly from a gamer's perspective, it will prevent me from playing games that I missed when they were initially released and are out of print. I'm playing Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn right now, and that is only possible because I was able to borrow a copy.

On the other hand, if the hardware on the next XBox and/or PS4 really blows other options out of the water, it will be hard to deny myself access to next gen gaming. What do you guys think about this? Would you still purchase a console that locked out used games? Is this something that most people care about?

No, but I gave up on consoles a long time ago. These days, I do mostly mobile gaming on my iPhone or iPad. Consoles just don't hold any interest for me. If I was going to get one, I wouldn't worry too much about used games. I'd be more interested in the specs and games available for the system.

It would be a close call for me, assuming that otherwise the console was a significant step forward. The fact is, I don't mind paying $60 for a blue ribbon, A-level, high production value game, but there are many games that I simply wouldn't even try if I couldn't buy them used. There have been a few series that I never would have discovered if I hadn't figured it was worth trying out a used copy. I got the first Kingdom Hearts used on a whim, for example, in part because of how odd it looked with Disney characters and Final Fantasy Characters in the same game. Turns out I loved it, and ended up buying multiple titles after on 3 different platforms SOLELY because I got the first Kingdom Hearts used. I would never have played it otherwise. Same goes for games I've borrowed. I'm actually playing Zelda: The Wind Waker, a 10 year old GameCube title, for the first time right now because a friend let me borrow it. 


I don't have strong brand loyalty, because frankly I find it silly. I have multiple consoles from Sony (2), Nintendo (2),  Microsoft (1).  Now, if suddenly one or more of those companies made changes that ensured I couldn't sell my own used games or buy games used while another "allowed" me to, I would see that as a rational reason to favor the console(s) that didn't put me in a box. With so many title being cross platform, it wouldn't even be that hard of a decision.


So let me start by saying OPTIONS are key selling points!  Second if not first is PRIVACY!




In order to have a great system we would need these ptions.

1.  Allow us to turn off our console completely!  No sleep mode!

2.  Do not make us have to have a video/audio device on at all time in order to use the device!

3.  Same as 2 but for no video/audio tracking games we don't want this to be mandatory!

4.  Used games are a must!

5.  Backward compatablity is a mush with games and controllers and headsets!

6. Let the consumer have options and choices.

7.  You can have a box that does it all, but give it options to make sure things are indeed not

being turned on.  Provide a way people can see and check this for themselves at both

non-technical and technical level!

8.  Stop controlling gamers and their options.   Provide more for less and you will get more in revenue! 


Well maybe another system will take the big spot light soon.  Or just gonna have to head back to PC Games.  Disc media and control of programs running in memory and on network and online and ect..........


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