Feb 11, 2013

What is the best "starter" version of Linux?

For someone who has never used Linux before, which distro is easiest to learn?

I would get immediately used to Linux Mint which is the 4th most downloaded operating system at the date of today. If you really want to learn Linux as desktop you can get started with Mint for sure.
I think Elementary OS is one of the best

Someone that is moving to Linux from Windows might also like Zorin OS, which has a UI that is very close to Windows 7. I would probably go with either Ubuntu or Mint though - if I wanted a Windows interface, I would stick with Windows. 

There are quite a few that are good for newbies these days, but Linux Mint 14 is probably the best.

See this review of Linux Mint 14 on the Desktop Linux Reviews blog:


The best Linux distro and most user friendly is Ubuntu. Ubuntu is so simple that even a newcomer to computers could get a handle on it in a very short time.

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