Jan 31, 2013

Which makes more sense for business users, the 128GB iPad or Surface Pro?

My first thought at seeing the new $799 128GB iPad was, that it was a catch up model to keep its specs competitive with the $999 Surface Pro 128GB. Now, I'm not so sure that the Surface needs to catch up to the 128GB iPad after learning that Windows 8 takes up 45GB of the Surface Pro's storage. Storage isn't everything, obviously, and the Surface Pro was designed to enterprise use, so I'm not sure which way to go. Which would you get, the 128GB iPad or the (ostensibly) 128GB Surface Pro?

iPad, all the way. The Surface Pro is not a proven product at all. It may yet end up being discontinued like the Zune. Also, the iPad has a HUGE range of apps for almost any need.

It will be great for use such huge space for the iPad and make useful to handle many apps and data in it.i like to use iPad mostly instead of surface pro.



Oh, my, that could bring out the true believers. I don't think the amount of storage is a huge issue, as we move further and further toward a cloud environment. I may be in the minority (or not) but I think the Surface Pro probably makes more sense for most businesses, simply because most businesses are a MS environment. Can you do pretty much anything you need to do on an iPad? Probably, although MS has been back and forth about offering Office for the iPad (latest news = yes). But the Surface Pro does run on honest to goodness Windows 8, and should offer painless deployment and integration if you are a Windows based company.

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