Jan 28, 2013

What's the difference between AppleScript and Automator in OS X?

I'm relatively new to Macs, so maybe this is obvious to seasoned Mac users, but I don't really understand the difference between AppleScript and Automator. They both let you automate those tasks that you perform regularly, right? When would you use one over the other?

Here's an article that explains the differences.

AppleScript and Automator: What's the Difference?

"For many Mac users, AppleScript and Automator are terms that bring about a sense of confusion. This is unfortunate, considering that both technologies are generally targeted at typical users (non-programmers, in other words) and designed to make life easier through automation.

Much of the confusion centers on the similarities between these two applications:

Both automate time-consuming or repetitive tasks.
Both interact with Mac applications.
Both are targeted toward everyday Mac users.
But AppleScript and Automator are actually quite different. This article will attempt to clear up some of the confusion surrounding these technologies."

They are similar in what they are both intended to do - automate common tasks. Automator was introduced before AppleScript and is very easy to use. AppleScript is not quite as simple to use, but allows you much more flexibility, especially since it allows you to set conditionals (if...then), which Automator does not.

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