Jan 24, 2013

What's new on Windows 7.8?

Is 7.8 a major upgrade over 7.5 for those who bought the Nokia Lumia 900, or is it just a spit and polish update? My girlfriend is pretty happy with the Lumia, but I wish it had Windows 8 (which I'm sure will not happen), and she is has been jonesing for better bluetooth capability than the Lumia 900 has now.

Not a whole lot, apparently. At some point it sounds like a Windows Phone 8 device might be a better bet.

It's mainly cosmetic; don't expect to see any new Windows 8 functionality added to your Windows phone. 7.8 changes things like the Office logo, adds some new tile choices, changes the appearance of boot screen, adds auto-updating wall paper - stuff that is pretty much window dressing, no pun intended. :-)

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