Jun 16, 2011

How much RAM do you need in a tablet?

It’s weird seeing Apple as the price and market leader, since they’ve always sold their products for 30% more margin than other hardware companies. But their iPads have been pretty successful even with a $499 base price. However the cheapest tablet only has 16gb. When checking out other vendors (RIM, Motorola, Acer) their tablets cost as much or more and don’t offer more storage than Apple. I realize that I can sync content with my pc but still, 16gb storage seems pretty stingy. It’s only $30 for a 16gb USB stick; for $500, couldn’t they outfit a tablet with more storage?
I think it all depends on what you do with your tablet. Apple does optimize iOS to work well with its hardware, but user satisfaction in that regard can vary depending on the users needs.
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