Jan 15, 2013

iOS tools for sys admins

I'm looking for admin tools to manage my servers using my fancy new iPad. Any suggestions for RDP or alerts? Any other useful tools are welcome.

Your questions begs for more description.. However let me just tell you to manage servers using a stand lone device. Here we are talking about maintaining a server with a hand held device , so most cases we need a light weighted Application sort of things.
Choose an application (server for monitoring)

I would like to suggest you any free monitoring tools, because to check the flexibility and other.

Here is free tool with some good reliability https://one.comodo.com/
See this article:

The Best iPhone And iPad Apps For IT Professionals

"The iPhone and iPad are great mobile work solutions for many professions and IT is no exception. With the right collection of apps, virtually every IT job role can become mobile. Systems administrators, user interface designers, and even help desk agents can use their iOS devices to keep tabs on the technologies that they manage and resolve problem at any time from almost anyplace.

IT tools for iOS cover a wide range of ground from basic remote access to network diagramming. Here are a set of tools that no IT department should be without.
There are a lot of iOS apps that make great additions to any IT professional’s mobile toolkit and they cover a wide range of IT roles. Out list of top tools is broken down into the following three categories: server monitoring and management, network management and troubleshoot, and remote access solutions.

Server management can cover a lot of ground, but in most organizations the key server-related tasks that IT professionals may be called upon to do while out of the office include user account management and verifying that a server is functioning properly. With that in mind, here are five excellent server-related apps."
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