Jan 11, 2013

Is PCKeeper safe?

Hi people!
Who knows about this antivirus? Is PCKeeper safe for my PC?

I vote for AVG, or better yet

Why not go with antivirus software that is well known and has been repeatedly tested by independent labs and journalists. I use AVG Free and am pleased with it, and it does a good job at blocking malware. Avast is also good - and free. PCKeeper may be fine (or not), but I don't like to gamble with unknown software, and I don't have time to waste partitioning a drive to test it myself.  PCMag just published their choices for best antivirus for 2013, which looks at a ton of choices (but not PCKeeper). You might want to look at some of those choices instead. 



Worked for me for a long time. I’d say even more, it made my machine running like a wilde horse! =) Best deal you can get on the market right now! It has lots of features that work perfectly, not a singe bug that I can think of.

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