Jan 10, 2013

Has Microsoft finally created a tablet for enterprise?

The Surface Pro finally brings a full-fledge OS to the tablet universe, running Windows 8 instead of some dumbed down, hobbled OS that is consumer oriented and/or limited in flexibility (cough, cough, Windows RT). That isn't to say that tablets like the iPad of Nexus 7/10 don't have their uses, but they have inherent limitations. With the Surface Pro it doesn't look like there really are any compromises beyond the lack of a true keyboard with actual keys, and of course you could lug one of those around if you were so inclined. I for one don't buy the "post-pc" era idea, but the Surface Pro seems to move a step closer to that. What do you think - would you consider a Surface Pro?

No, I have no use for it. Why bother? I'd rather have a lightweight laptop than the Surface tablet.

Microsoft seems to have created a solution in search of a problem. I have no interest in running a full version of Windows on a mobile device. I have a laptop for running a desktop operating system, and my laptop is much more comfortable to use than any tablet for work purposes.

Maybe they have. The price is pretty high for the consumer market, so I'm sure Microsoft homes businesses embrace it.  I think it should be attractive to enterprise - it literally can function as an actual PC (with a crummy keyboard). It should be easy to integrate with Microsoft enterprise software, it will run legacy software, including Office. And there will be tons of software available now and in the future. Plus, it doesn't require users to learn how to use another OS (once they have gotten used to Windows 8 that is).   

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