Jan 09, 2013

What is the biggest remaining barrier to cloud adoption?

I repeatedly hear a number of the same concerns about utilizing cloud services, some of which are valid, some maybe not so much. Compliance concerns is one that I run across often, and with some industries that have rigid statutory compliance standards, such as HIPAA for healthcare providers, it is indeed a serious issue. Aside from that, what do you think is the biggest barrier to businesses that still resist embracing cloud services.

Security issues and control freak IT admins. Both will be tough to overcome, but smart companies will eventually do it.

Along the lines of what you mentioned - worries about data security are still the biggest hurtle. I can certainly understand that, particularly with respect to mission critical applications/data. Another one that I think is valid and I hear pretty often is concern about vendor lock in.  I think these are related to some degree; any time you have to put your reliance in a third party, it can be a little nerve-racking. One I hear less often, unless a well publicized outage like Netlix's AWS issues on Christmas Eve has been in the press, is reliability and other performance concerns. Most of these are still legitimate concerns in my book. Of course, business should have many of the same concerns even if they keep things in-house.  


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IT managers appear to see no value in cloud technology. The cloud takes the opportunities presented by outsourcing to the next level.  Emerging technologies and cloud services provide all organisations with opportunities to change the way they operate and ultimately to improve performance whilst reducing cost.”
Currently just under one in ten (8%) IT managers surveyed said that their business is using the cloud for one or two services, while just 3% of firms have adopted it widely across the business.  The companies most likely to be using cloud related services are larger companies and those operating in the Services sector.  However, Protiviti noted that many organisations do not have a clear strategy for cloud computing.
According to the research, security is the biggest barrier to the widespread adoption of cloud services, followed by data privacy.  Other barriers to adoption identified include concerns over reliability and availability of services and concerns over business recovery, in the event of failure of a cloud provider.

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I'd say security concerns. Many enterprise execs just can't conceive of their valuable data and apps residing elsewhere. They fear the worst and feel as if they lack control.

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