Jan 09, 2013

What to use for JavaScript unit testing?

What is the best JavaScript unit test tool, (preferably one that works on Windows, so not Buster)?

See this list:

JavaScript Testing Tools

"While testing a simple JavaScript is relatively straightforward, testing a complex JavaScript such as a library like Jquery really requires the use of a test suite. Of course you don't necessarily need to develop your own test suite because there are already quite a few around.

The following are a few that I found that look like they may or may not be useful for testing your scripts."

You might want to give JSTest.NET or js-test-driver (although it hasn't been updated for a while) a try.



IBM's developerWorks site has an article that features three tools for unit testing JavaScript -- QUnit, YUI Test and JSTestDriver. The article includes a rundown of how to use each tool, along with code examples. That might help you decide which (if any) are best for your purposes.



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