Jan 05, 2013

What is the best inventory control software on the market for small business?

Hello Friends,

What is the best inventory control software on the market for small business? I have a retail business and inventory is found in a separate distant location. I am really in need of a great program to help me manage my inventory and one that functions with a portable data terminal. I have over 2,000 different items in inventory. I need to buy a software that work really well since I live in Africa and will not have the possibility of returning the product in case of a problem. Thank you very much for suggestions.

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Agili Ron


I know this is old post, I hope my answers will helpful to fulfil your business needs. My suggestion is based on current trends related technology. If you're looking for software with more integrated application, try Apptivo. It is a cloud-based software, you can easily keep track of each and every product details, total quantity, order management, suppliers details and billing. This tool cost is comparatively low in the marketplace and suitable for small business.
Check it out: http://www.apptivo.com/purchase-order-app/
Try Contalog can help you manage inventory across multiple sales channels (ecommerce store, mobile app, Amazon, eBay etc). A straight-forward interface designed to provide convenience in uploading products, maintaining product-specific information (SKU, bar code, variants, media files etc) and stock levels.

Stocks can be allotted for each sales channels, tracking of stocks can be centrally done and multiple warehouse management adds more convenience towards keeping inventory up-to-date. Just visit : https://www.contalog.com/inventory-management-software.php

Check out our a Lomag inventory management software

You might want to do a bit of google searching, to begin compiling a list of possibilities. Once you've done that, you can start searching for reviews of those specific applications. Then narrow it down to the best pick out of those applications.

If you use QuickBooks, they have a search function on their site for compatible inventory management software that lets you choose the functions you needs, such as CRM, customer shipping, capacity reporting and so on. That will help you narrow down the list, and you can check reviews on the ones that fit your specific needs. 


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