Jan 03, 2013

How can I unlock my Sprint phone so that I may use it with a different cellphone provider?

1 week ago
Settings, activate device, volume down 2 times quickly ;)
I have an lg G5 from sprint how do I unlock it to switch to Verizon ?
1 week ago
Settings, activate device, volume down 3 times quickly ;)
How can I unlock a sprint iPhone 5se so I can be able to activate it to another phone company.?
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How to recover my mobile email and pass word synchronised at the time of resetting software in mobile phone
how can use my sprint galxsy s 6 to any carrier
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how can i unlock a galaxy s6 plus for sprint
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How can unlock a HTC from sprint
Hello! I certainly hope this problem has been resolved, but if there is anyone is still looking for a place to get a code to unlock their phone, I would suggest giving unlockyoursim.com a go. It doesn’t cost at all, you just need to complete a short survey (I know, one of those!) but it worked for me so.. it’s worth trying out. Hope this helps!
How can I unlock a Note 4 from Sprint phone
How can I unlock my Samsung s6 sprint phone
I have a sprint phone can I use it with metrics carrier
Need to unlock my G6 Edge from Sprint how do i do this?
Hi i have a LG 4G i need to unlocking how do i do it
i have a sprint phone i want to switch it to simple mobile

have a samsung galaxy s4 that was with sprint is supposed to be unlocked now by the previous owner thru sprint, i need to make it compatible with pure talk usa who only uses AT&T and T-Mobile towers....is this a possibility?
No. The reason is because the components inside the phone are designed to work on CDMA signal technology. AT&T uses GSM. Since the hardware is different, no amount of software/apps will ever be able to do this. It sure would be nice if every carrier used the same technology.
We have in my family a total of 5 Sprint phones, in our last trip to Costa Rica before we left the USA we ask sprint to unlock our phones so we could use them with the SIM cards we were going to buy there! Once in Costa Rica we put the GSM sim cards, fallowed the representative instructions to change some settings on the phones and Voilà!! our sprint phones worked on the GSM network in Costa Rica!
Now I bought service and a sim card from PureTalkUSA and they can't figure out how to set up the phone to work on their network even though the phone worked perfectly with the GSM network from the other company! I would not think there are 2 different technologies for GSM?
Now I bought a service from PureTalkusa and there sim card and Pure talk can't figure out how to set up the phone to work on their network!
Quen sabe
I need to unlock this phone I bought please help me

I'm not sure if you know this site but I unlocked my phone there, it's www.cphoneunlocker.com btw it's free
I hope I helped you :)?
I have a Sprint phone and it won't open
I just finished unlocking an iPhone 6 from sprint with a clean imei but it seems that it's not %100 working I can send and receive text& phone calls but the internet DOESNT WORK AT ALL!!!!
Only works if you have wifi turned on. So that's really a waste on money. I purchased the code thru eBay for $40. If it's unlocked there's a 50/50 chance that it may not work overseas. You would first have to ask the phone carrier if it will accept your phone.
you just have to set your data settings properly the device is fully unlocked
If you switched to StraightTalk then the starter packet contains you network access code. Its not a problem with the phone. CDMA phones like Sprint phones use network access codes. Call your carrier.
i vhave a LGG# phone want to unlock it from sprint
I have bought an iPhone6 which is of sprint. I have got a unlock code from the seller as well. When I insert another SIM it is not working, saying it is SIM locked. How can I unlock my phone and use it with other operators outside US? Appreciate your support.
Have u set it up with iTunes yet? U may want to do a update with that SIM card that's not accepted inserted and at the end when it's all finished it should say that your iPhone has been unlocked.
I bought this HTC Sprint phone and l was going to give it to my dad because he needs a new phone but he's got simple mobile what do I have to do to make it work or can you even do that ? Is there any body that can help me out with this it would be really appreciated thank you.
That phone will not work at all with simple mobile.even if it's unlocked.
it will if it supports LTE.
How do i jailbreak a Samsung s5
you don't..

android devices don't jailbreak. they root.
Check XDA developers.
Hey can I use my simple mobile on a sprint samsung galaxy s5?
How do you unlock a sprint samsung galaxy note 4...can someone tell me please!!!!!
To unlock a Sprint phone, you have to (1) have an active Sprint account, (2) your account has to be in good standing, so you have to have paid all your bills, and (3) the phone must not have been reported as lost or stolen. If you meet all of those requirements, then Sprint should unlock it for you under the terms of the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act.

Sprint is the entity that ultimately has to unlock it for you, it’s not something you can do yourself like rooting. Get your account number and all of the phone info handy and give their customer service a call at 1-888-211-4727. Good luck!
What about if the phone is already unlock? Can I use it with simple mobile?
How I can I change Sprint phone to unlock ?

I have a sprint Samsung s model sph-d700 and would like to get it unlocked so i can use it for boost mobile.  Is the phone compatable with boost to even waste my time tring to get it unlocked from sprint?


Thank you


If you have a phone that is capible of both cdma and gsm you can unlock your phone for att.

First, if you ask for an international unlock they will only unlock that portion of the gsm slot. They have fixed that little "error" some time ago.

Second, There was a recent law passed (jan of 2013 i think) that the carrier has to check to see if the device is active with another carrier.  This i believe is to keep someone from stealing a phone and switching it for thier own use.  This has hampered unlocking.  Mostly Hampered :)

Lastly, if they refuse to unlock your phone, go get a gevey chip.  It sits on the bottom of the sim and is a "plug and play" device.  If you dont want it anymore you simply remove it and reset phone and no one is the wiser :)



First off, if it is a Sprint phone it is CDMA, so it is not compatible with AT&T or T-Mobile, which have GSM networks, no matter what you do. There are a few exceptions - a few phones are both CDMA and GSM compatible, but the only ones I can think of off the top of my head are a few BlackBerry and earlier iPhones models. Maybe it was one of those in the thread Christopher was reading, but if not, I call shenanigans on whoever was the original poster.


Second, you would need to get Sprint to unlock the phone, which they may or may not agree to do.  But maybe you will get lucky with this. 


Third, even if you get it unlocked, other carriers may refuse to activate it anyway. You might want to call the carrier you are considering and ask them if they will activate an unlocked device before even worrying about it. 


Good luck!

it will work if the phone supports LTE.

I've unlocked a Verizon note 4 and used it for 6 months on T-Mobile.

only was able to use LTE but it worked fine.

Sprint will unlock your phone if you ask it to, but the company says it then can only be used internationally. But here's a comment from someone in a Sprint community thread:


"I will pass on a bit of information the local Sprint Store Manager told me.  Even though Sprint tells you it is unlocked for international use only - it will indeed work domestically with other carriers.  He said they are told to pass that on and many who pass it on believe it but he said he tried an AT&T Sim in one of the Sprint unlocked phones as an experiment and it logged into the AT&T network just fine and he even made a test call to see if it would connect."


Obviously I can't guarantee this will work, but that's what this commenter reports.



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